Bradley - prem, poor co-ordination, ADHD

'Bradley' was four years old when he started at Child's Play Physiotherapy. Bradley does not have a 'label' for his special needs. He was born early and small, has poor co-ordination and 'clumsiness' through dyspraxia, (difficulty planning and coordinating movement) and also requires regular hospitalisation for asthma. He also has an attention deficit disorder and is fearful and anxious in new situations.

The program for Bradley included a range of specific abdominal and back strengthening activities and balance-development activities in the pool to speed up and improve his postural control. Ball skills were broken down into smaller components to enable him to more easily learn and achieve success in ball-related activities. With developing abilities, the smaller components were linked together to achieve higher quality, more advanced levels of ball skills.

His swimming instruction uses ChildsPlaySwim instruction techniques involving highly-individualised, hands-on assistance specific for his level of swimming ability and gross motor development. This means that Bradley is learning the highest quality swimming actions right from the beginning.

Now six years old, Bradley confidently gets into the pool, puts his body underwater and can swim backstroke without flotation assistance. He is learning to swim freestyle and breaststroke and to co-ordinate arm-strokes with breathing and kicking.

His trunk strength and ball throwing skills have significantly improved (a big goal for this boy who loves going to T-ball) and he rarely trips over himself on land these days.